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Can’t Find A Fix For Old Power Supplies? Need A Replacement?
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  • Six decades of leadership, service, innovation and invention.
  • An established track record manufacturing quality products:
    • Power supplies
    • Test equipment
    • Electro-mechanical assemblies
    • Power shelves/racks
    • Enclosures
    • Filter assemblies
    • Bracket assemblies
    • PCB assemblies
    • Transformer assemblies
  • TQM and Lean infrastructure overseeing:
    • Material procurement
    • Program management
    • Manufacturing, engineering & logistics support
  • Research & Development
  • Rugged Product Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Creative Electro-Mechanical Concepts
  • Setting Standards for Burn-in & Functional Testing
  • Tracking: Concept → Manufacturing → Field Data
  • Partnering relationships (between PMI, its vendors & customers) creating a win-win situation for everyone
  • A keen ear – PMI listens to its customers
  • Trust, honesty & fairness

PMI provides high-quality value-added power supplies, power systems and engineering support to OEM companies as well as to the end user.

Pioneer Magnetics exists for the purpose of designing and manufacturing reliable products; providing excellent service, operating a profitable business, and meeting or exceeding the customer’s expectations.

Each and every Pioneer Magnetics employee will deal with customers, suppliers, and other employees with honesty, respect, and integrity in all matters.

All Pioneer Magnetics employees are fully committed to continually support and improve the established quality management system.

The responsibility of PMI’s executive management and all of its employees shall be to foster an environment
for continual improvement within this operating philosophy in order to better serve its valued customers.

©2017 Pioneer Magnetics


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