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Can’t Find A Fix For Old Power Supplies? Need A Replacement?
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Why is PMI the Best Choice for Servicing Power Supplies?

Third Party Repair Houses


PMI “Official” Services

Simply “Fix and Ship.”

Offer Upgrades and/or Incorporate
Design Enhancements.

Use Any Material Available.

Use Only Approved Material.

Do a Simple “Go -- No Go.”

Use Test Equipment Procedures that Ensure All Customer Specs are Met.

Do Not Use PMI Approved / Customer-Specified Fan Motors & Electrolytic Capacitors.

Always Use PMI Approved / Customer-Specified Fan Motors & Electrolytic Capacitors.

Burn-In? Maybe, Maybe Not.

Always Burn-In Field Return Units 48 Hours @ 50 Degrees Centigrade.

In addition, other extended burn-in
programs are available.

Usually More Expensive.

Excellent Pricing.

Corrective Action? Failure Analysis? Probably Not!

Always Available.

Upgrade or Modification? NO!

Always Available.

Communication w/ Design Engineers? NO!

Always Available.

Warranty? 30 Days?

90 Days to One Year OR Even More!!

Not Experts with PMI Products.

PMI Is The Expert!

Significant Facts:

PMI shipped over 700,000 power supplies worldwide in the last 20 years!

PMI designs are excellent -- DMTBF ranges from 1 to 3 million hours!

PMI is not afraid to give you a better price!

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