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It is quite common, these days, (as part of the need to cut costs) for power supply users to try and repair a failed product themselves or offload a “broken” unit to a third-party repair facility. This “cost saving” approach does not always work.

PMI regularly receives old products – often 10-20 years old – that has been (almost) “ruined” by someone who purported to be a switching power repairperson. It is unfortunate that many power supplies have to be scrapped after a repair attempt.

It is also quite common to see older PMI products that have been repaired with non-approved parts. The end user then wonders why the power supply does not work correctly.

The least expensive solution is to have the original power supply manufacturer repair and/or refurbish its own power supplies. In the event that a failed power supply cannot be repaired, this is where Pioneer Magnetics comes in.

PMI continues to repair and/or refurbish most of its older products. We also have newer power supplies that can be used in the event that material is no longer available to repair or refurbish the older products.

Best of all, PMI has a low-cost solution for its competitor’s products that can no longer be repaired. PMI offers a wide variety of switching power supplies that can be used as a replacement for products designed and manufactured by power supply companies that are no longer in business and/or no longer service their older power supplies.

At a time when cost cutting is key, no need to throw money away!

Call PMI! We are ready to meet your cost-cutting needs!

Below are examples of botched up rework by third party repair companies!

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