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Need A Replacement For LH Research Power Supplies?

 LH Research Power Supply
Largest Selection of Replacement Power Supplies > 500 Watts: 1-800-269-6426

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lh research power supply repair

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Can't Find A Fix For LH Research Power Supplies?

PMI May Be Able To Replace Most LH Research > 500 Watt Power Supplies

Pioneer Magnetics has replacements for LH Research MMA11 (> 500 Watts) switching power supplies.

Need a replacement for LH Research MMAX22 (> 500 Watts, 2 outputs)? Call Pioneer Magnetics at 1-800-269-6426 for a quote today.

Pioneer Magnetics has been in business for >50 years – designing and manufacturing switching power supplies for all market segments. In fact, PMI continues to be the only switching power supply company that builds 5" X 8" X 11" (sometimes called "A Slot) for most applications. As the true, technical leader of switch mode (rectifier) power supplies, PMI's converter technology translates into >60 patents.

Although most of PMI's competitors have used PMI's technology in order to compete, many of PMI's competitors no longer exist and/or no longer support their older technology products.

This is where PMI can help you!

If you have an LH Research power supply that can no longer be repaired, there is an excellent possibility that Pioneer Magnetics will have a replacement product for you.

It may not matter that you have an older designed LH Research power supply.

PMI's 5" X 8" X 11" power supplies or its newer technology power supplies that are smaller, more efficient and less costly – may be a drop fit for the LH Research power supply that can no longer be repaired.

Pioneer Magnetics is the perfect company that will meet your LH Research power supply replacement needs!

If you have an LH Research power supply that is too expensive to repair or if you have an LH Research power supply that may not have been repaired with originally designed and/or factory approved parts, PMI has the solution to your problem.

There are "thousands" of PMI's older as well as PMI's newer technology power supplies still available that could solve your replacement needs.

You don't have to worry any more about your older, failed LH Research power supply.

Call Pioneer Magnetics at 800/269-6426 or e-mail PMI at:

Pioneer Magnetics has a large staff – Customer Service, Sales/Marketing and Application Engineering that will immediately help you with your urgent LH Research power supply replacement needs.

Without a doubt, the PMI staff will do everything possible to quickly solve your failed LH Research power supply problem!

LH Research power supply failure? Need a replacement? Call Pioneer Magnetics!

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